Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ryerson University: The Chang School: The First Annual Silver Screens Film Fest

There are many film festivals around the globe, such as the Toronto Festival, Cannes Festival and Sundance Festival, but nothing was more touching than to be part of the first annual Silver Screens Film Fest at The Chang School of Ryerson University in Toronto, which featured movies that deal with different aspects of aging and the lives of older adults. The fest was in celebration of 15 years of existence for two wonderful organisations for older adults, the LIFE Institute (LIFE = "Learning is ForEver") and the Act II Studio.

I would recommend all of these movies not just for older audiences, but also for viewers of all ages. Here there was a very supportive environment and where, in the privacy of our thoughts, we could reflect about life, happiness, hopes, memories, death and courage, a lot of courage to survive life with passion!

During those three days I learned listening to people who make the movies or are involved with them, or watching the actors talking about dreams, fears, learning experiences, traumatic experiences, happy experiences and loving memories. Even though I was tired after sitting through all these films, I came out with the conclusion that the power of life is here and we have to live. That reminds me of Pachamama, who teaches us that we have to keep walking in the path of life.

Another beautiful thing was to see most of the time the same faces in the audience, so that I was able to get acquainted with them. At the end there were so many familiar faces that I felt at home with them and at home with my thoughts.

The moderator was Kevin Courrier, a writer, broadcaster and film critic. We had a panel discussion after each movie. But I would like to highlight the initiative of Sandra Kerr who two years ago had the inspiration to have this fest. A big clap for her and a big thank you for that great idea.

These were the movies that we saw. I recommend all of them to you:
* The Company of Strangers
We had a Panel discussion with Cynthia Scott and Jane Gutteridge. The moderator of all the panels was Kevin Courrier.

Chocolate Sharks

Beauty Before Age

* For Better or Worse
We had a Panel discussion with Paula David and Adam Nayman.

The Straight Story

We had a Panel discussion with Paula David and Adam Nayman

* Innocence
We had a Panel discussion with Risa Shuman, Professors Emeritus: Dr. Ben Schlesinger, U of T and Dr. Rachel Schlesinger.

* The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

We had a Panel discussion with Rosemary Sadlier, President, Ontario Black History Society.

Pablo Picasso said: "Youth has no age"
Silvia Porras says: "Our destiny is to survive life with passion"

So be it.

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