Thursday, July 17, 2008

Depende de como interpretamos los problemas. Making Lemonade

What sight is this… two profiles or one glass?
You may see the profiles or the glass, and both interpretations are correct… but, if you see both, that is still better! If we can see both sides, we are better able to cope with our own challenges.
Often in our lives, we undergo all kinds of mishaps. Sometimes we feel loaded down by them, but if we put these mishaps in perspective, our walk through life becomes light and sometimes pleasant.

What is the secret? The secret is how we interpret the problem. If we focus on the two opposing faces we forget to see the glass and the lemonade it offers to us. Remember, when life offers lemons to us, the best choice we have left is to make lemonade. Making lemonade is the process of accepting every situation for what it is instead of what you think it should be-and then making the most of it. The benefit of making lemonade is that we will not become bitter or depressed. 
If we continually focus on our problems, our bodies will be loaded down with stress, carrying around problems. It is like carrying suitcases -suitcases of the “past”, the suitcase of the “present” and the suitcase of the “future”.
We do not want to lug around these loaded suitcases when we have not even bought a ticket! Our happiness is our responsibility, so there is one more choice: to leave those overloaded suitcases behind and walk away without having to worry about them.
This process takes time but people instinctively find a way. We humans are incredible, resilient beings and everyone learns at their own pace. We always manage to find a way out!
The present without suitcases is our most precious time and we’ll be free to drink lemonade.

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Anonymous said...

Y porque tenemos que interpretar lo que veamos o lo que nos sucede? mucho avanzariamos como humanidad si entendieramos que es nuestro ego el que interviene en ese proceso.

Dejando nuestro ego afuera del proceso al tomar decisiones, veriamos las alternativas con mucha mas claridad.

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