Friday, April 25, 2008

Mohawk land at Tyendinaga

The occupation of a quarry on unceded Mohawk land at Tyendinaga is coming to a disturbing head at this hour. Reports from on the ground are that a heavy handed police presence has tens of Mohawks surrounded. Apparently, the police have issued a warning to leave or everyone will be arrested. There are not many remaining, but they will not be intimidated by the stare of police guns and they are refusing to leave. Also, Shawn Brant was re-arrested earlier today and remains custody at this time. Members of Six Nations have asked that this email be sent so that everyone knows that a blockade has gone up at Six Nations at the Highway 6 bypass near Kanenhstaton (The Protected Place). The people at Six Nations are standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Tyendinaga who are making an important stand for their land. Why is the mainstream media not covering these events? Please pass this news along to people and listserves.

Six Nations

Six Nations Solidarity

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Anonymous said...

Why is the mainstream media not covering these events?

I found the answers in the movie "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" at

That is what is really wrong!

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