Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer always is summer

Summer always is summer
... it is summer in winter
when I see the tree without leaves
and I have a glimpse how it is going to look next spring,
and I smile because I know the secret.

Summer always is summer
... it is summer in spring,
when I look through the window,
and I see the rebirth of the whole of nature,
and then I have a glimpse of the lilies, the echinaceas,
butterflies invading the garden,
and I just keep waiting with a smile in my future.

Summer always is summer
... it is summer in summer
because summer is the energy moving,
and I just have to pick up all those parts of my life,
that lost the battle with the system,
I have to regain myself, to lift my face,
to see straight in front of me,
and to borrow the courage of Boudica ,
because Summer is the time to be myself!

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