Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm homesick or ... could I say gardensick?

I would like to write about things that I have forgotten such as climbing trees, catching spiders and flying with the birds of freedom in my imagination.

I remember my contact with nature as the most enjoyable moments in my life. I remember that when I came back from school, the people in my house changed my uniform for casual clothes and after the 'merienda' I went to my favourite place in the garden. Okay, I have to admit that my favourite place in the garden was the least memorable place in the whole garden, but for me it was my secret treasure. There I had a meeting every day with a beautiful blue sky and I was there just waiting for the 'magic hour'. In the interim I learned about the plants and how they all grew in different ways. I perceived the mysterious interrelation between plants, soil, animals and the sky where there were always some white clouds dancing with the air.

I remember how the breeze touched my face, and I remember the webs of spiders, and what always impressed me a lot was to see that the birds were never surprised by the breeze moving all the branches on which they sat.

Many times I found myself doing some mathematics in order to guess how the people built the brick wall... and one day I discovered that in that wall were a lot of lizards, I saw their eggs and I started to see the young generation grow; eventually one day I realized that I had learned enough in my secret garden and then I started looking for new places where I could discover more things such as a wall fencing a "finca" and then I started to explore that place further and further. Sometimes I saw people lining up for their wages, and as a result I sometimes joined the line and the owners of the "finca" gave me 25 cents. I was so happy to get this, but for some mysterious reason I gave up standing in line, instead I decided to talk with people and suddenly my grandmother heard stories from the people in the town about me and my Marco Polo life.
this changed my life because my giant grandmother was now following me and telling people to keep an eye on me. At that point every day was a challenge to escape those soldiers, but sometimes I managed to escape. On one of those glorious days I saw my grandmother coming after me and I ran to the church where they were having a mass, and I ran inside so fast that I felt myself flying into the sky and I lost control of my flying body until I landed on the sidewalk. At that moment some people left the mass; my grandmother was so scared and I was in pain but laughing to be the centre of attention and to see my giant grandmother turning her anger to tender feelings.

After all those events in my early childhood I decide to be more cautious and always I found moments to escape, but always to places close to house. On one of those days that I did manage to escape from the fort I was happily running in the 'finca' when I was surrounded by ten ... no, twenty ... no, fifty ... no, ever so many white butterflies, and in that moment I was there with them, they were flying, I was dancing with life!

All those things happened long ago, before I discovered the pleasure of reading, or writing in a blog, but that would be another post. Have a great day!

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