Sunday, January 14, 2007

1707 Great Scot / Great Britain

Now we have to wait for the moment of truth. Are Scotland and England going to take different directions? It looks as if another piece of history is going to be written in a few weeks. Now is the time to wait and see. Please click on this link to read the Toronto Star article.

Why as a Latina I like the Scots is not that I am a malinche, of course no! Valgame Dios! I will tell you why I like the Scots, let me see... as I was saying many times Scots catch my attention because they were people who faced poverty and they had to emigrate to other countries; they learned how to integrate in other cultures and societies and yet to keep being Scots. Something that I admire, as is the fire of conviction of William Lyon Mackenzie. There are more things to consider such as the story of how the thistle became a symbol for the Scots (an enemy stepped on a thistle, thus alerting the Scots, who won the ensuing battle ... I don't want to go for more details). As a result there is a beautiful thought that I read which makes me feel good : "Nemo me impune lacessit" = "No-one harms me without punishment", from which comes the Scots: "Wha daurs meddle wi me" . Yes, I am a visible minority who has integrated into another culture but I keep some of my latino roots. But those roots in turn have assimilated other cultural examples like the scots and as a result I can see myself in this way: a combination of maize and thistle who has confidence and belief in humanity, and yes, we can all make history together.

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