Friday, December 08, 2006

Job Posting

Please forward to anyone you think may be a good fit and feel free to
post this wherever you wish.

The Homeless Nation is celebrating its 1,500 th on-line member with the
hiring of a National Coordinator, as well as a Vancouver outreach

Homeless Nation is dedicated to empowering and sharing the voices of
Homeless Canadians through our website: It is the only website in the world
where the majority of users and voices are from the homeless street
community. We currently have outreach teams in Montreal, Toronto,
Vancouver, Quebec City and Victoria, supported by a national network of
in-kind community partners.

The National-coordinator will oversee all aspects of a staff of outreach workers, technical workers,
volunteers, community partners, funding, and content creation. He/she will
work closely with the team at EyeSteelFilm, one of Canada's leading
documentary production companies.

The Vancouver co-ordinator will be responsible for recording video
testimonials, training users of Homeless Nation, and working with
community groups to create a sustainable and respectful working
environment in Vancouver .

Both positions are full time.

We are seeking candidates who have experience or equivalent passion
towards working with a non-profit organization, participatory media, web
production, and social documentary filmmaking. Experience managing a
business and/or a non-profit organization is essential. Working
knowledge of English, French and the Internet is an asset.

We are situated at the forefront of social documentary practice, and
bridging the digital divide. We are looking for people who want to be
part of this social activism.

Please submit CV's and cover letter via email to:

Candidates in Vancouver and Toronto will have opportunity to meet
Director Daniel Cross on Dec 12th and 13th in Toronto, and from the
17th-20th in Vancouver.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter and green

I love to see the tiny white patches that cover the green grass.

I find the combination of green and white so beautiful that I have enjoyed for years going to the garden and drinking in the beauty of these colours, but green is the colour of life, hope, spring… however, winter comes and gives us peace, the quietness of the time, even the cold, that cold that destroys plants, destroys flowers, and destroys the greenness. Like the grass, we learn to flow with the seasons.

Something that really amazes me is how the green grass becomes one with the white, and the cold days of winter don't steal the precious green, it's still there.

When I'm tired of snow I just look for a green patch that I know is somewhere waiting to be discovered and that will give me a glimpse of the future spring: my hopes and dreams.