Monday, October 16, 2006

Rezar por Las 6 Naciones. Sunrise Prayers for 6 Nations, October 16, 2006

Una llamada para rezar a la salida del sol

Mis hermanos y hermanas,

Solicito humildemente que toda la gente a través del planeta se una con nosotros en una oracion a la salida del sol, para que nuestra Nacion -6 Nations- se mantenga unida, fuerte para el dia de manana.

Levántese a la salida del sol y ruegue que todo sigua siendo pacífico, unificado y fuerte para 6 Naciones mañana. ¡Imagine la energia de una oracion unificada alrededor del mundo! Levantes sus oraciones por nosotros en la mañana.

Le agradezco, por adelantado, su ayuda,

Mitakuye Oyasin,


A Call for Sunrise Prayers

My brothers and sisters,

I humbly request that all people across the globe join with me and hundreds of others who have committed to this Sunrise Prayer offering on behalf of 6 Nations.

We all are painfully aware of the potentials up there in Canada tomorrow for our Relations and their supporters. I am asking that all of us, no matter what country across the Earth, what time zone, race, religion or creed, join together in prayers for peace and unity.

Rise at sunrise and pray that all remains peaceful, unified and strong for 6 Nations tomorrow. Imagine the prayer-power of that kind of unified prayer! As the Sun walks its morning path, there will be prayers lifted
up for many continuous hours as each of us, where ever we are, lift our morning prayers.

I thank all of you, in advance, for your support,

Mitakuye Oyasin,


Hilton Henhawke & Philomena Chechock-Henhawke

Members of Buffalo Jump Artists' Collective


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