Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day ! Bottled Water Campaign

The selling of water is depleting the water resources for everybody.
We don't even know how much water we have, and people are destroying the environment in order to get the water.

Right now, selling water is a huge business around the world; because of this, companies are depleting rives and lakes, and changing our natural resources.

Many people are unaware of this because when there are articles about this in newspapers and magazines, these are usually too long, with the result that people are not able to understand, and they continue to buy the bottles of water.

We have to stop buying water from commercial companies, in order to protect a basic resource inherited from nature that keeps us alive.

One campaign that occurs to me is that we should each send to the Prime Minister an empty water bottle, with a note inside that says: "SOS. Huge ecological impact." Add to this -adhesive tape- a circle with a line through it & containing the word "Privatization" (i.e. say no to privatization). Remember that you can send mail to the Prime Minister at the Parliament in Ottawa free of charge - no stamp is needed.