Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spring, Summer mmm

Again the time to dream, the time to do things,
wild things, crazy things, is here
Nature conspires,and again
I can see
birds dancing or fighting when they are flying.
Crazy squirrels jumping in very tall branches.
Cats exploring new territories.
flowers booming everywhere.
Dandelions taking more and more territory.

... and myself trying to roar like a lion
but I just make a tiny, a small rrrrr
I have to think which risks I am going to take this year
Summer is sunny,
a time for taking risks… educated risks,
a season that shows all the colours of nature
and we have to give a welcome to the summer
that Shakespeare captured in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Inside Rod's Head

Rod wrote: Silvia! You're now the recipient of the Thinking Blogger Award! For more info, go to http: / / insiderodshead. squarespace. com/ main/ 2007/ 5/ 9/ meme-o-rama-the-thin king-blogger-award. html

I went there and I encourage you to click on the link; there are a lot of good blogs waiting for us to read.

For more than four weeks I was under the weather, I got a terrible flu or maybe the flu wasn't terrible, but the effects of aging gracefully make that flu terrible.

That flu smashed my bones, my breathing, my energy, my health, my good intentions, my whatever I had, but now I am getting better and I think that my cinnamon skin colour has returned, I can now smell cinnamon too, and my energy is increasing every day.

I think that what is making my recovering process difficult is that I got a flu, and I did not stop working; as a result I got a sinus infection that allowed me to rest for two days, but that wasn't enough, and then it has taken me so long to be in control of my health again.

Sorry Rod, take this long apology as an explanation why I couldn't reply earlier to your post ;-) and take this long, long apology as a latino way of saying: Sorry

I will reply later in Spanish to your post or meme. Just wait and see why I'll use Spanish.