Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays. Felices Fiestas y Próspero año 2007

At this time of the year
I listen to what the
xmas cards tell.

Life unfolds in
front of my eyes,
with stories
about grandchildren,
remodeling houses,
changes in the weather patterns,
wedding ceremonies,
children growing,

trips around the world
… and I can walk in their histories…

I can listen to the whisper
of their secrets.
through those lines

I can sense
what it means
for them
to be happy
sad, frustrated, in peace.

I can open my eyes and see
life through their eyes.
It’s like a wave
and I can feel
the continuous movement
of the magic circle of life


I can appreciate

that life is here,

just in this second.

The rest is relative.

Felices Fiestas y que en este Año Nuevo tus metas sean alcanzadas. Paz en tu vida, y paz entre los miembros de tu familia.

Happy Holidays and I hope that in this New Year you will reach your goals, As well as peace in your life and peace in your family.